building manager for concierge & security

Today’s built environments have been transformed by technology, and yet many every day onsite building functions are still carried out using outdated methods. manages the collection, security and use of critical information Рsaving time, facilitating good decisions and more importantly reducing risk.

buildingmanager key features

  • fits in with the way you work has been designed to help a variety of occupations to more easily and effectively manage the many everyday tasks expected to be performed in person or managed remotely. is the perfect solution.

  • set and never forget day-to-day support

    Everyday tasks are simplified and nothing is forgotten thanks to emails that are automatically generated for routine maintenance, outstanding works, contractor insurance expiration alerts as well as confirmed bookings and fee and bond payments.

  • your data is always secure

    All data transmitted between your computer and is encrypted. All information retained on our dedicated server with a leading cloud storage provider is backed up daily.

  • building webpage or website integration

    The webpage or customised website option allows occupants to book their own moving activities, book the use of building facilities or submit a report at any time and from anywhere.

  • unique staff management

    The staff feature simplifies personnel management. Besides from recording all staff onsite attendance, the system also allows staff to submit holiday requests, sick leave and non-attendance online or update their own address and contact details. It even provides an email reminder for all staff birthdays.

  • Customised electronic signage can be upgraded to include the use of a tablet. The tablet option allows for electronic signature capture as well as providing contractors and tenants access to the system 24 hours a day. The tablet when not being used can be configured to display site details, staff identification as well as contact instructions if the area is temporarily unattended.

  • simplified contractor management

    Insurance, licence and other site specific documents are automatically requested annually from and uploaded by each registered contractor.
    A pre-set but editable master list for all standard routine maintenance and regular tasks is included which in turn is cross referenced with the asset list of each site. Exclusive to the system, all routine maintenance visits and outstanding service reports are automatically populated with the sign in and sign out details of the allocated contractor.

  • safety and compliance

    Automatic email alerts are generated for pre-set compliance events, including annual fire safety certification, elevator and swimming pool registration as well as any height safety system and RCD testing requirements.

  • keys, deliveries and visitors

    The dispensing and collection of all occupant and service keys, deliveries as well recording visitors to the site are documented, including electronic signature capture via the tablet.

  • diary

    The use of antiquated log books is no longer required to record routine or important events during a shift. The system automatically logs in date and time order reports, changes of shift as well as allowing routine inspections, phone calls and general information to be recorded.